The Treehouse at LIFEPOINT

Rooted in faith, growing in christ

At LifePoint, we have developed an innovative and inspiring Children's Ministry known as The Treehouse. Our expertly crafted curriculum helps children establish a strong foundation in faith and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Every Sunday and Wednesday, we engage children with interactive Bible stories, games, teachings, and devotionals that are tailored to their age group and level of understanding.

Our ministry doesn't stop at the church doors. Each child receives a weekly Family Devotional that includes color pages with a QR code at the bottom. Scanning this code leads to a lesson that can be done at home, enabling continuous learning.

If you want to learn more about The Treehouse at LIFEPOINT, please reach out to our team by calling the church office at (863) 345.3223.

The Roots Nursery

Infants - toddlers

The Roots Nursery caters to children aged between infancy and three years. Our volunteers provide a safe and nurturing environment during Sunday and Wednesday services, where children can play with age-appropriate toys, have snacks, and listen to stories.

While these young children are not yet ready for detailed Gospel teachings, we still foster their spiritual growth by sharing Bible stories and teachings that are appropriate for their age.


Pre-k four year olds through kindergarten

Our Sprouts classroom is tailored for preschoolers and Kindergarten students who are at least four years old. Through engaging Bible stories, videos, and lessons, we help these children establish a firm foundation in faith and begin to develop their relationship with Christ.

In addition to learning, children can also play with toys that are appropriate for their age and enjoy a snack during service while interacting with other kids.

The Olive Branch

1st grade through fifth grade

The Olive Branch classroom caters to students in First Grade through Fifth Grade, providing them with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Gospel and strengthen their faith in Christ.

Through interactive Bible lessons, the children learn Bible verses, play games based on the week's lesson, and engage in creative activities like drawing and coloring while enjoying snacks during the service.

Furthermore, the learning doesn't end when the service is over. Families receive a Family Devotional to continue their growth in Christ at home.